The Tuition fee is:

Faculty of Law Faculty of Engineering/Environmental Sciences Faculty of Management & Social Sciences Faculty of Computing & Apllied Sciences
N2,500,000 N2,500,000 N2,250,000 N2,250,000

Places can not be guaranteed until fees are paid.

The tuition fee covers everything a student requires in the University, except accommodation and other living expenses.


Students can either use accommodation provided by the University, live at home, or arrange their own accommodation. Students will be housed in either one-person, or two-person per rooms hostel accommodation. The cost will depend on the number of students sharing, and the nature of the facilities, but the average is expected to be around N500,000 per year.


Students are free to make their own arrangements for meals. Students can buy meals from the University Cafeteria. For the periods of the year when the University is in session, students should be able to purchase three modest meals a day for around N400,000 per session.