Don't just take our word for it; come and find out for yourself why Abuja is such a great place to live and study. We host regular Open Days and campus tours which provide you with the ideal opportunity to explore our grounds and facilities. If you can't make it to one of our organised events then don't worry, as we've also created a self-guided tour which enables you to take a look around the university in your own time.


Campus life at Baze University has much to offer our more than 1,500 students. Contemporary study facilities, halls of residence, support services, caf├ęs, and more..

People often comment on the friendly atmosphere here at Baze. It's a place to meet new people from around the world and to build friendships that last a lifetime. It's also a place to do the things that you love to do and to try out new things.

There are always events on campus, whether live music, quizzes, club nights, karaoke, comedy, cake and coffee gatherings, book clubs or talks. The many clubs and societies, covering sports, music, drama, hobbies and charities, cater for every interest. And of course Abuja city, with its wide range of events and entertainment, is on your doorstep.


Sport is an ideal way to keep fit, have fun and make new friends during your studies. Baze University is a great place for sports enthusiasts, with some of the best-equipped facilities in the country. Whether you're competing at a national level or play sports recreationally, our first-class sports facilities have everything you need.

Playing Snooker


Baze Football Team