Baze University
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Postgraduate School


Postgraduate School



In 2015, the University started planning for postgraduate programmes and tasked an appointed Postgraduate Coordinator to liaise with the National Universities Commission (NUC) for the required approvals for postgraduate studies. The Coordinator worked assiduously with the University’s Director of Academic Planning towards getting the needed approvals. Also, concerted efforts were made to ensure that the University was ready in terms of required facilities and qualified manpower to host the postgraduate programmes that would be approved for it by the NUC.

The University’s optimism in securing the approvals was anchored on two considerations. Firstly, the University had met the NUC’s twin requirements for running postgraduate programmes from the sixth year of inception when it would have produced at least two sets of graduates plus having the undergraduate components of the postgraduate programmes to be fully accredited. These conditions the University had met in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Secondly, the University had prepared sufficiently for postgraduate work since it appointed a Coordinator in 2015.

It was therefore with gratitude and satisfaction that the University received the NUC’s letter of 15th September 2017 informing the University of its readiness to approve the requested postgraduate programmes on payment of necessary fees and a successful resource assessment visit. The required fees were paid and the resource assessment visit was successful. Consequently, nine (9) programmes were approved for the 2017/2018 academic year and a further four (4) programmes were added for the 2019/2020 year.


The postgraduate programmes at the University are to produce students with a spirit of innovative enquiry through training and research. The programmes aim at providing students with the ability to apply fundamental ideas in their various disciplines to solve new problems as they arise. The students are prepared for high-level manpower requirements in Nigeria’s private and public sectors of the economy. The students are also prepared to fill teaching vacancies in our institutions of higher learning as well as employment opportunities available in international organizations.


The postgraduate courses are hosted by the various Departments and Faculties with coordination at the School of Postgraduate Studies. The Dean of Postgraduate Studies is the academic and administrative head of the School, reporting to the Vice-Chancellor and the Senate of the University, through the Board of Postgraduate School. The Board chaired by the Dean has representatives from all the Faculties with postgraduate programmes. The Board is responsible for all matters in respect of postgraduate studies including, but not limited to, admission of postgraduate students, development of postgraduate curriculum, examinations and recommendation for the award of postgraduate degrees.


The University admits only graduates from recognized tertiary institutions into its postgraduate programmes on meeting the requirements stipulated for the intended programmes of study. The general admission requirements are as follows:-:

  •  Possession of “O” level with at least five credit passes in relevant subjects as determined by the Department of study.
  • Candidates for Masters’ Degree shall in addition to (i) above possess a first degree with second class lower division or a first degree with a postgraduate diploma or HND with postgraduate diploma (with minimum 3.5 CGPA on a 5-point scale).
  • All applications must be accompanied by academic transcripts and favourable referees’ reports.

In addition to the above, an applicant may be required as a condition of admission to undergo such test as may be prescribed by the Department or Departments of his/her proposed programme, or take such other pre-requisite or concurrent studies and examinations as may be prescribed, subject to the overall control of the Postgraduate School Board.


The postgraduate programmes have the following durations:-
  • The full-time Masters’ degree programme has a minimum of one academic session and a maximum of two academic sessions.
  • A part-time Masters’ degree programme has a minimum of two academic sessions and a maximum of four academic sessions.
  • In exceptional circumstances, the Senate may grant an extension of time to a candidate on the recommendation of the Board, School of Postgraduate Studies. Such extension shall not exceed 12 months for a Masters’ programme.
  • Students are at liberty to combine their course work with research work.


  • There is a written examination in each taught course at the end of every semester. To qualify for the examination, a student must have attended at least 75 % of the lectures in the course.
  • For each Masters’ student, there is a Project Supervisory Committee comprising the major supervisor (who is at least a Senior Lecturer) and one minor supervisor. The committee has responsibility for guiding and supervising the student as well as approving all aspects of the project and the thesis before submission to the External Examiner.
  • All postgraduate students are required to submit a thesis or project (in a prescribed format) in partial fulfilment of the requirement for graduation in the various degrees for which they have registered.
  • There is an oral defence of the thesis/project and each student must satisfy his/her examiners in this regard to graduate.


M.Sc Economics

M.Sc Mass Communication

M.Sc Chemistry

M.Sc Sociology

M.Sc International Relations And Diplomacy

M.Sc Animal And Environmental Science

M.Sc Parasitology

M.Sc Management

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

M.Sc Computer Science

M.Sc Public Administration

LLM. Law

M.Sc Accounting

PGD Accounting

PGD Business Management

PGD Chemistry

PGD Chemistry

PGD Computer Science

PGD Economics

PGD International Relations and Diplomacy


PGD Mass Communication

PGD Public Administration

PGD Sociology and Anthropology

Ph.D Accounting

Ph.D Biology

Ph.D Business Management

Ph.D Chemistry

Ph.D Computer Science

Ph.D Economics

Ph.D International Relations and Diplomacy

Ph.D Law

Ph.D Mass Communication

Ph.D Public Administration

Ph.D Sociology and Anthropology

PGD Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Ph.D Civil Engineering

M.Eng Civil Engineering

PGD Civil Engineering

Ph.D Mechanical Engineering

M.Eng Mechanical Engineering

PGD Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D Electrical and Electronic Engineering

M.Eng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

M.Eng Computer Engineering

PGD Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Ph.D Petroleum and Gas Engineering

The University runs first-rate postgraduate programmes for residents of Abuja and its environs, thus obviating the need for them to travel outside the territory to do such programmes. The programmes emphasize quality, rigour and relevance. The University is uniquely located to make this contribution towards the educational, technical and managerial advancement in the city, not only as a business proposition but also as part of its social responsibility.

Dr. Helen. E. Jekelle

Ag. Dean, Postgraduate School

Baze University, Abuja.

June 04, 2021