Baze University

Computer Science and IT

The Department of Computer Science is at the heart of computing and related interdisciplinary activity at Baze. Computer science has grown rapidly in recent years and the department is home to a community of world class researchers and is consistently ranked amongst the very best Computer Science departments in the Nigeria, for both teaching and research.

Computer Science and IT

The Department of Computer Science is committed to attracting the world's most talented students and working with them to continue the success of the department. As a student at the department, you will join a vibrant community working in research areas such as algorithms, artificial intelligence, programming languages, foundations, logic and and structures, information systems, security, semantics, software engineering etc.

The department's strength derives from its firm grounding in core computer science disciplines, a high degree of mathematical sophistication among its researchers, and its committed engagement with applications and interdisciplinary work.

You will have the opportunity to meet and interact with other students and staff working across these research areas by attending seminars, workshops and lectures, as well as at social events organised by the Computer Science Graduate Society.

A wide range of distinguished external speakers and representatives from industry visit the department to give talks and presentations to students and staff and you will have the opportunity to talk with these visitors.

The department is home to undergraduates and full-time master's students.


Computer Science B. Sc

Information Technology B. Sc

Information Systems Management B. Sc

Communication Technology B. Sc

Software Engineering B. Sc

Computing for Business B. Sc