Baze University


The study of all branches of engineering at Baze University is encompassed in the single, unitary Department of Engineering Science, with a community of high class graduate students at any given time.


The department has a substantial research portfolio, including much that is directly supported by industry. The major theme underlying this research portfolio is the application of cutting-edge science to generate new technology, using a mixture of theory and experiment.

The opportunities in the department for graduate study and research include the conventional disciplines of engineering such as civil, electrical, and mechanical, telecommunication as well as petroleum and gas engineering and computer engineering.

There are no barriers between the different branches of engineering and the department is also involved in a great deal of multidisciplinary, collaborative research with groups in other departments, from computer science and IT to general studies.

The department has an excellent record of engagement with industry, and of translating research results into real-world applications, and has generated numerous successful spin-out companies.


Civil Engineering B.Eng

Mechanical Engineering B.Eng

Petroleum and Gas Engineering B.Eng

Telecommunication Engineering B.Eng

Computer Engineering B.Eng

Electrical/Electronics B.Eng