Baze University

Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Management and Social Sciences in Baze University is academically vibrant, and most innovative in its mission. It is at present the largest faculty in the university made up of nine Departments comprising Accounting, Banking and Finance; Business Management, Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, Marketing, Mass Communication, Political Science and Public Administration, Psychology, and Sociology and Anthropology. This is therefore a faculty that embraces business, management, and the social sciences. The Faculty boosts of excellent teaching facilities and consists of some of the best in the field of human behaviour applied to society. The faculty is able to blend the best of the new with the old in the fields of Business and Politics. It prepares its students for successful business careers, and as a community seeks to tackle regional and global economic and political problems holistically.  The faculty aims to deliver cutting-edge programmes and research that could transform individuals, organizations and the society at large. Entrepreneurship is therefore, a theme that permeates the Faculty’s business-related programmes, and is explored at both the undergraduate and Post-graduate levels. It offers opportunity for first-hand experience in finding solutions to complex challenges, which may be applied in form of skills in larger organizations, social enterprises, and in personal innovative businesses. In sum, the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences is positioned to provide intellectual leadership and life-long training for its numerous students who will never regret passing through its programmes. Through its numerous academic activities, it aspires to be the most influential of its kind in Nigeria and beyond. 
Prof. Osita Agbu (PhD)
Dean of Faculty


Accounting, B.Sc Accounting

Marketing, B.Sc Marketing

Psychology, B.Sc Psychology

Business Management, B.Sc Management

Insurance and Actuarial Science, B.Sc Insurance and Actuarial Science

Mass Communication, B.Sc Mass Communication

Banking and Finance, B.Sc Banking and Finance

Goverment and Public Administration, B.Sc Goverment Public Administration

Sociology and Anthropology, B. Sc Sociology

Economics, B.Sc Economics

International Relations and Diplomacy, B.Sc International Relations and Diplomacy