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Medical and Health Sciences

Baze University’s Medical and Health Sciences Curriculum is custom built to reflect and conform to the high-class global standards that the University exhibits.

The Faculty is made up of different Departments that synergizes to create a Centre of Excellence where competent Medical and Health Scientists who could be presented with contemporary medical challenges and difficult diagnostic problems are trained, and to produce confident and efficient Health Scientists that can be trusted by different categories of patients and thus stem the tide of Medical Tourism abroad, among others. Scroll down for the list of the approved programmes.

Graduates of these programmes are in high demand both locally and internationally for opportunities in Hospitals, Higher Institutions of Learning, Laboratories, Research Centres, etc.

The future of health requires that patients, healthcare providers and academic institutions work together in innovative ways to provide high-quality care with better outcomes at affordable costs for more people. To achieve this, Baze University has embarked on the development of a high-quality, fully integrated teaching hospital with a continuum of care: preventive medicine, chronic disease management, acute care and rehabilitative medicine, among others. At the Baze University Teaching Hospital (BUTH), care will be delivered in a serene outpatient and inpatient setting with modern patient-healing gardens, built upon a system of electronic medical record, application of evidence-based medicine, a focus on patient safety and satisfaction, cutting-edge technology, team-based innovative approaches and continuous improvement of quality of care. BUTH will attract high-quality international scholarship and innovative doctors who desire to practice, teach and conduct research in an academic medical environment.

BUTH will be a model for effective and efficient healthcare delivery that is patient-focused and incorporating teaching, research and public engagement in its daily operations. Baze University will be able to leverage its excellent facilities and footprint to achieve the Teaching Hospital of the future.

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Human Anatomy B. Sc

Human Physiology B. Sc

Medicine and Surgery MBBS

Public Health B. Sc

Medical Laboratory Science MBLS

Radiography and Radiation Science B. Sc