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Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
ARC112 Architectural Graphics &Lettering 2
ARC121 Introduction to Architecture 2 3
ARC211 History of Architecture I 2
ARC311 Theory of Architecture 2
ARC322 Environmental Psychology
ARC323 Architectural Design IV
ARC328 Architectural Structures IV

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    Conference Paper

  1. 1ST Green Environmental Energy and Building Science (GEEBS)

    Authors: Hannatu Idris, Faizah Mohammed Bashir
    Preceeding / Paper Title: Architecture and Future Green Lifestyle/ENHANCING ENERGY EFFICIENY THROUGH PASSIVE MEANS IN CEDDI PL | Organiser: Faculty of Built Environment, Universiti Teknologi | Location: Universiti Teknologi, Johor, Malaysia

    Publisher: Faculty of Built Environment | Place of Publication: Malaysia | Year: 2017

  2. Journal

  3. Journal of Applied Sciences & Environmental Sustainability

    Authors: Hannatu Idris, Aisha Haladu Bornoma, Amamata Zakari
    Journal Title: A Brief Study on Survey of Housing Policies in Nigeria and Malaysia | Journal Number: 5 | Volume Number: 2 | Page Range: 1-5

    DOI: | Database: | Year: 2016