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  • Qualifications: PGDE, MSc, B-Tech
  • Role Title: Lecturer II
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I hail from the Northern part of Nigeria the ancient city of Zaria to a small family of six. I developed a flair for trying out new things and defying norms and with the support of my family which led me to studying Architecture as a profession and now teaching it as a passion and a hobby i enjoy.

Happily married to an Engineer and hoping to breed an awesome generation of savvy youths in the nearest future.

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Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
ARC112 Architectural Graphics &Lettering 2
ARC121 Introduction to Architecture 2 3
ARC211 History of Architecture I 2
ARC311 Theory of Architecture 2
ARC322 Environmental Psychology
ARC323 Architectural Design IV
ARC328 Architectural Structures IV

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