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  • Qualifications: PhD in Oil and Gas Engineering (2016); MSc. in Process Engineering (2011); B.Eng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering (2006)
  • Role Title: Lecturer 1
  • Telephone: 09098614828
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  • Department: Engineering
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Dr. Kanshio teaches petroleum and gas engineering courses. His core courses include natural gas processing, gas transportation, and hydrocarbon measurement.

Dr. Kanshio has over 10 years of experience spanning across the downstream, midstream and upstream of the oil and gas industry. Dr. Kanshio worked previously as a Process Design Engineer at Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Limited, Bonny. At NNPC, Calabar, he was a Junior Process Engineer handling petroleum products reception and pumping operations. While at NNPC Kano Depot, he was a Tankfarm Operator handling petroleum products reception, product fiscalization, and accounting.

Dr. Kanshio is a consultant to both government agencies and oil and gas companies. Some examples of the projects he has undertaken include the study of hydrocarbon measurement and metering in Nigeria; Techno-economic studies of flare gas utilization; Experts witness on hydrocarbon allocation disputes; Technical and commercial due-diligence on co-refining in Nigeria among others. 

Dr. Kanshio’s area of core expertise includes technical auditing, natural gas monetization, process design and analysis, flow assurance, flow measurement, hydrocarbon accounting, marginal field development, and business development. 

Title Name Year Acquired
PhDDoctor of Philosophy2016
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
CHM433 Industrial Chemical Process 2 2
GEC218 Students Work Experience Program (SWEP) 2
GEC304 Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) I 1
GEC402 Students Industrial Work Experience 3
MCE304 Manufacturing Processes and Technology 2
PGE305 Transport Phenomena 3
PGE306 Gas Separation and Processing Equipment 2
PGE309 Drilling Methods 2
PGE407 Gas Dynamics 3
PGE503 Gas Processing II 3
PGE504 Gas Transportation II 2
PGE509 Gas Process Control 2

Dr. Kanshio is actively involved in applied research that has a positive impact, especially in the Nigeria oil and gas industry. Some of the areas of research include hydrocarbon measurement, metering, and allocation of hydrocarbon; leak detection; natural gas processing, transportation and marketing; Marginal field development, LPG penetration in Nigeria, oil facility optimization, techno-economic analysis of new and unconventional technologies in the oil and gas industry.