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  • Qualifications: PhD
  • Role Title: LECTURER II
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  • Department: Science
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Dr Karimatu Lami Abdullahi is a lecturer in the department of Petroleum Chemistry, her research interest is in the area of environment and human health. She obtained her PhD in Environment Health and Risk Management from the University of Birmingham (UK), MSc in Air Pollution Management and Control from the University of Birmingham and a B-Tech from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi. Prior to joining academia she was the Head Health Safety and Environment at Dangote Sugar Refinery, Lagos.

Title Name Year Acquired
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
CHM101 Chemistry 1 3
CHM103 Chemistry 1 (Laboratory) 1
CHM104 Chemistry 2 (Laboratory) 1
CHM111 Introduction to General Chemistry 3
CHM201 Organic Chemistry 1 3
CHM202 Structure & Bonding 2
CHM207 Practical Chemistry 3 1
CHM301 Instrumental Methods and Analysis 3
CHM303 Organic Chemistry 2 3
CHM306 Polymer Chemistry 1 2
CHM308 Applied Spectroscopy 3
CHM309 Colour Chemistry and Technology 3
CHM313 Environmental Chemistry 2
CHM314 Practical Chemistry 4 1
CHM319 Applied Surface & Colloid Chemistry 1
CHM417 Theory of Molecular Spectroscopy 3
CHM423 Research Methods 3
F112 Foundation Studies in Chemistry 2

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