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Title Name Year Acquired
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
CVE309 Laboratory Practical/Design Studies 3
EEE305 Circuit Theory I 3
EEE313 Laboratory Practicals I 3
GEC301 Engineering Mathematics III 3
MAC201 Theories of Mass Communication 3
MKT101 Introduction to Marketing 3
PGE313 Petroleum Engineering. Lab. I 2
PHY201 Elementary Modern Physics 3
SOC208 Introduction to Population Study (Demography) 3
SOC301 Methods of Social Research 3
SOC304 Rural Sociology 3
SOC311 Sociology of the Aged (Gerontology) 3
SOC406 Regional Ethnography 3
SOC410 Sociology of Victimisation and Penology 3
SOC422 Sociology of Education 3

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