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  • Qualifications: Ph.D.
  • Role Title: Lecturer /HOD
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I hold a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Chemical Engineering from Federal University of Technology Owerri.  Upon graduation I worked with Worley Parsons Nigeria for a period of one year before pursuing further studies. I completed a Masters’ degree in Advanced Process Engineering from Loughborough University, UK 2009. I enrolled for PhD in Chemical Technology in Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid Spain which I completed with honors in July 2013. I am a member of several professional bodies such as Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN), and Institute of Chemical Engineers (ICHEME). I speak English and Spanish fluently.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Unit Lecturer

  • Prepared Course outlines and delivered lectures to undergraduates.
  • Prepared research proposals to solicit grants to carry out innovative and developmental research.
  • Participated in research collaborations for articles and publications. Mentoring programme for undergraduates.

Research Interest

Presently my research interest is centered on renewable energy and environmental management (waste water treatment and sanitation). These are areas that are of immense to third world or developing countries as well as developed nations. Renewable energy will provide a viable alternative to the power generation problems that has plagued many developing countries. Developing alternative energy sources will bring about the desired development and industrialization that will allow Africa emerge on the world economic scene. Hence any technology developed that can meet this need of energy will be encouraged and sought after as it presents a solution to a problem.

Another research interest is in waste management and water treatment, this relates with the welfare and health of the community. It is said in many circles that ‘Health is Wealth’. The wealth of a community/country cannot and should not be compromised; using technology to improve the well-being and general hygiene in developing countries has to be explored. The prevention and containment of basic bacterial and viral diseases associated with poor hygiene will allow infrastructural development and general progress of these developing countries. I believe in applying science to provide solutions to problems associated with the existence of the life.



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  • Hezekiah Agogo, Wetting and Evaporation of Complex Fluids, Thesis submitted to Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, May 2013.


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  • Hezekiah Agogo, Sergey Semenov, Ramon G. Rubio, Victor Starov Evaporation of sessile droplets of water–based surfactant solutions: experiments and computer simulations, (ECIS Sept 2012).
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  • Hezekiah Agogo, Sergey Semenov, Ramon G. Rubio, Victor Starov, Spreading and Evaporation Kinetics of Surfactant Solutions, (Week of Science Instituto Pluridisciplinar UCM, Madrid, Spain September 2011).


Title Name Year Acquired
B.Eng.B.Eng Chemical Engineering2005
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
BIO411 Economic Botany 3
CHM204 Physical Chemistry 1 3
CHM305 Physical Chemistry 2 3
CHM312 Industrial Chemical Technology 2
CHM313 Environmental Chemistry 2
CHM325 Mineral Processing 3
CHM329 Petroleum Geology 3
CHM402 Reaction Kinetics 3
CHM413 Electrochemistry 2
CHM433 Industrial Chemical Process 2 2
GEC205 Thermodynamics 2
MCE309 Engineering Metallurgy I 2
MCE311 Applied Thermodynamics 3
PGE310 Introduction to Corrosion of Materials 3
PGE403 Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 3
PGE405 Pressure Build up and Drawdown Test Methods 2
PGE411 Principles of Plant Design I 3
PGE417 Introduction to Well Logging and Interpretation 2
PGE505 Chemical Engrg. Entrepreneur 2
PGE507 Refrigeration and Liquefaction 3
PGE510 Research Project 3
PGE511 Valve and Pipeline Design 3
PGE513 Research Project 6

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