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Title Name Year Acquired
BScInformation Systems2009
MScInformation Systems: Business IT2010
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
COM204 Databases 1 3
COM304 Databases 2 3
COM305 Business Computing 3
COM309 Semantic Web 3

My main research focus is on semantic technologies and how these can be applied to healthcare settings. I have recently developed a knowledge representation model, OCL-SOP (Ontology for Clinical Laboratory Standard Operating Procedures), which is a representation of standard protocols in medical laboratories. This explicit knowledge representation model will be important for ensuring reproducibility of laboratory procedures, facilitating data exchange, and supporting automation. I intend to prove the viability of the ontology through the development of software applications ranging from mobile applications for training and quality control purposes to complex decision support systems. The software applications will be important tools for improving compliance to standard guidelines and this will go a long way in reducing errors and improving quality of care provided by clinicians    


  1. International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM)

    Authors: Sabiu Maikore Fatima, Emma Haddi, Larisa Soldatova
    Journal Title: A Framework for IT Support of Clinical Laboratory Standards | Journal Number: 2 | Volume Number: 6 | Page Range: 13-25

    DOI: 10.4018/IJPHIM.2018070102 | Database: IGI Global | Year: 2018