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Title Name Year Acquired
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology 1 3
SOC102 Introduction to Sociology 2 3
SOC201 History of Social Thought 3
SOC203 Statistics for Social Sciences 3
SOC204 Sociology of Knowledge and Technology 3
SOC207 Social Psychology 3
SOC208 Introduction to Population Study (Demography) 3
SOC209 Sociology of Mass Comm 3
SOC212 Structure of Nigerian Society 3
SOC301 Methods of Social Research 3
SOC302 Statistics for Social Research 3
SOC306 Formal Organisations 3
SOC308 Sociological Theories 3
SOC310 Sociology of Health and Illness Behaviour 3
SOC311 Sociology of the Aged (Gerontology) 3
SOC312 Sociology of Law 3
SOC314 Political Sociology 3
SOC401 Contemporary Sociology Theories 3
SOC402 Contemporary Afrocentric Theory 3
SOC403 Demography 3
SOC404 Sociology of the Third World 3
SOC406 Regional Ethnography 3
SOC407 Sociology of Development 3
SOC413 Models in Sociological Analysis 3
SOC415 Sociology of Decolonization 2
SOC801 Advanced Sociological Theory 3
SOC803 Advanced Sociological Research Methods 3
SOC805 Issues in Entrepreneurship 3
SOC816 Sociology of Development 3

My interest is in Democratic politics, Political Economy, Development and Social Issues.

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