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Title Name Year Acquired
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
BUS408 Comparative Management 3
BUS421 Labor Economics 3
ECO208 Labor Economics 3
GEN205 Communication in French/Arabic/Mandarin 2 2
GEN303 Communication in French/Arabic/Mandarin 3 2
IRD121 Introduction to International Relations 3
IRD206 Structure of International Society 3
IRD208 New States and World Politics 3
IRD301 International Political Systems 3
IRD325 Theoretical Approaches to International Relations 3
IRD332 Globalisation and the Developing World 3
IRD401 International Organisations (Non State Actors) 3
IRD402 Foreign Policy Analysis 3
IRD405 Contemporary Political Analysis 1 3
MAC201 Theories of Mass Communication 3
MAC206 News Writing and Reporting 3
MAC208 Introduction to Publishing Sequence 2
MAC303 International Communications and Correspondents 3
MAC304 Economics of Mass News Reporting 2
MAC309 Newspaper Management and Production 2
MAC312 Station Management and Operations 3
MAC314 Communication and Society 2
MAC403 Rural Broadcasting 3
MAC406 Film and Cinema Management 3
MAC409 Issues in Broadcasting 3
MAN401 Strategic Management 3
MASS309 Communications and Development 3
MASS310 Advanced Broadcast Techniques 3
MASS311 Photography and Graphics 3
MASS312 New and Social Media 3
MASS320 Data Analysis in Communication Research 3
MASS404 Media Management 3
MASS410 Issues of Information and Communications Technologies 3
PUB309 Element of Government 3
PUB401 Public Finance Management 3

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