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Title Name Year Acquired
M.SCPhysics (Applied Geophysics)2015
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
GLG407 Petroleum Geology 2
PGE312 Formation Evaluation & Geophysical Methods 3
PHY102 Physics 2 2
PHY103 Physics 3 2
PHY201 Elementary Modern Physics 3
PHY202 Electric Circuit & Electronics 3
PHY205 Thermal Physics 3
PHY209 Introduction to Space Science 3
PHY303 Electromagnetism 3
PHY306 Statistical and thermal Physics 3
PHY315 Principle of Geophysics 3
PHY322 Seismic Prospecting Method 3
PHY409 Radiometric and Logging Methods 3
PHY444 Borehole & Groundwater Geophysics 3

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