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  • Qualifications: PhD International Relations and Diplomacy, Msc. International Business, BSc.
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Ebimboere Seiyefa is a lecturer in Baze University and was acting head of the department of International Relations and Diplomacy. She is also a co-founder and a director in the Centre of West African Strategic and International Development think tank, where she is involved in research and analysis of the regional security dynamics in West Africa. She holds a PhD in International Relations and Social Studies from Coventry University. Her recent projects and publications includes’ works on elite political culture and its link to political violence, climate change impact on regional security in West Africa, assessing regional security challenges in West Africa and governance for security and counterinsurgency in Nigeria. She is interested in research on governance for security in West Africa. Her book ‘Why Organised Violence Thrives in Nigeria?’ has been accepted for publication by Cambridge Scholars Publishers.


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Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
IRD105 Ancestor of the contemporary international system 3
IRD202 Nigerian Government and Politics 3
IRD207 Contemporary Global Studies 3
IRD209 International Rels. in Southern Africa 3
IRD212 Political Thoughts 2 3
IRD302 Regional Cooperation and Integration (AU) 3
IRD312 Politics of Francophone Africa 3
IRD316 Transnational Organised Crime and International Security 3
IRD403 Conflict Resolutions and Multilaterism 3
IRD404 Gender and International Relations 3
IRD703 Nigerian Govt. and Politics 3
IRD814 Seminar 3
IRD816 Multilateralism and Global Security 3
IRD899 Dissertation 6

·      Insecurity in the Niger Delta – Niger Delta Dialogue, European Union and AA Peace Works – Security Analysis of Delta State (March 2020 – till date)

·      Environmental Security – Federal Ministry of Environment (Nigeria): Involved in Research on Environmental Security – Gender and Climate Change (August 2019 – November 2019)

·      Governance and Politics - Centre for West African Strategic Studies and International Development: Involved in Research on Elections in West Africa: The Youths Perspective (July 2018 – December 2018)

·      National Security and Organised Political Violence- Coventry University

PhD Research Thesis – Organised Violence; A Manifestation of Elite Political Culture: A Case Study of Boko Haram (April 2012 – April 2016)

Supervisory Team – Doctor Simon Massey and Professor Bruce Baker

·      Examined the development and sustenance of organised violence as a function of governance and political culture of the political elites

·      Synthesized current research on root causes of organised violence in direct relation to the political culture and governance outcome in Nigeria

·      Examined the value of politicking conflicts in the State

·      Analysed State’s counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency response process and political elite complicity


·      Organised Violence and Political Economy - Coventry University

MSc Dissertation: Impact of Militancy and Petroleum Industry Bill on Production Output in the Petroleum Industry: A Study of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry (July 2010 – September 2010)

Supervisor: Doctor Jeff Shaw

·      Assessed the impact of militancy and petroleum industry bill on production output

·      Examined the governance for security measures applied

·      Recommended conflict management strategies



·      Rethinking Regional Security in West Africa: An Assessment of Emerging Threats and the Security Architecture

·      Guns for Hire: A Growing Industry of Political Violence in West Africa

·      An Analysis of Insecurity in Delta State

·      Nigeria and the Developmental State: Lessons from China’s Economic Governance

·      Blood, War and Greed: The Politics of Human Security (Book Publication)