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  • Qualifications: BA,MSc,PhD
  • Role Title: Professor
  • Telephone: +2348028592003
  • Email:
  • Department: Computing/it
  • Profile Hit: 988

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Research Methods
  • Career Development in Computing
  • Special Topics in Information Systems Management/Computer Science/Information Technology and Software Engineering.
  • Major Project

Research Interest

My research interests are in the following areas:

  • Web Development Issues, Information Systems; Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.


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Title Name Year Acquired
Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
CME505 Software Engineering 3
COM110 Office Applications 3
COM304 Databases 2 3
COM305 Business Computing 3
COM309 Semantic Web 3
COM312 Career Development in Computing 3
COM402 Research Methods 3
COM414 Special Course in Computer Science 3
COM445 Special Topics in Information Technology 3
GEN107 Use of Library, Study Skills and ICT 1

No Research Info.