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Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
SOC201 History of Social Thought 3
SOC203 Statistics for Social Sciences 3
SOC205 Social Change 3
SOC302 Statistics for Social Research 3
SOC308 Sociological Theories 3
SOC312 Sociology of Law 3
SOC401 Contemporary Sociology Theories 3
SOC402 Contemporary Afrocentric Theory 3
SOC403 Demography 3
SOC407 Sociology of Development 3

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  1. Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal

    Authors: Chris Onyemenam, none
    Journal Title: Social Capital and Household Welfare Among Anioma People in Delta State, Nigeria. | Journal Number: 6 | Volume Number: 2 | Page Range: 159 - 182.

    DOI: 10.14738/assrj.63.6262 | Database: assrj.publishing | Year: 0