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  • Qualifications: B.Sc. M.Sc. Public Administration
  • Role Title: Lecturer II
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  • Department: Management And Social Sciences
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FIDELIS, MOSES ALOKPA is a lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, (hitherto, Government and Public Administration), Baze University Abuja, a member of the Nigerian Political Science Association (NPSA), and a fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration.  He has worked with a Civil Society Organization (Justice, Development and Peace Commission), Lokoja as the Programme Officer, Access to Justice and Prison Decongestion Project, from 2003 – 2007. He also worked with an NGO in Bauchi State - the Sharing Education and Learning for Life (SELL) Foundation. The Foundation run a Peace building programme for youths in the Northeast and Plateau State. Moses was the Peace building and Conflict Resolution Officer for the Foundation from 2007 - 2013, then he served as the Executive Director of the Foundation in 2014 - 2015. He attended a special training programme on International Civilian Peace building Training (IPT) at the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) Schlaining, Austria, in 2012. He is presently, Ph.D candidate in the Department of Public Administration and Local Government, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has written scholarly papers and book chapters in reputable local and International Journals and books. His areas of interest include Governance, Civil Society Organizations, Public Policy, Social Welfare Administration and Human Resource Management, among others. 

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Module Code Module Description Credit Unit
IRD101 Introduction to Political Science 3
PUB101 Introduction to Public Administration 1 3
PUB204 Administrative Thought 3
PUB221 Administrative Behaviour 3
PUB305 Personal Administration 3
PUB306 Labour Management Relations in the Public Sector 3
PUB321 Development Administration 3
PUB322 Management Techniques in Admin 3
PUB324 Current Issues in Government and Public Administration 3
PUB325 Budget and Budgetary Process in Nigeria 3
PUB406 Public Enterprises Management 3
PUB407 eGovernance and Administration 3
PUB408 Democratic Studies 3
PUB409 Rural and Community Development 3


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B   Book Chapter

     Fidelis, M. A. (2019). An Appraisal of the Home-Grown School Feeding Programme and Child poverty in Nigeria. In Zoaka, Y. A., Abdulhamid, S.O and Samson, A.A. (Eds). Public Policy and National Development in Nigeria: Essays in Honour of Professor Sam Amdii. Joyce Publishers, Abuja..

C   Conferences attended with dates

1.  1. Solomon, B.A; Fidelis, M.A. and Chukwuemeka Okafor (2019), “The Whistle Blower Protection in Nigeria: A review of efficacy”, being a paper presented at the 32nd Annual Conference of the Nigerian Political Science Association on the Theme: Governance, Security and Elections in Nigeria, held on 22nd – 25th July, 2019 at the University of Calabar, Nigeria  

    2. Fidelis, M.A. and Solomon, B.A. (2019), “The Impact of electoral violence on Nigeria’s democracy: A review of the 2019 general elections in Nigeria”, being a paper presented at the 2019 International Conference on Globalization and Socio-economic development in Africa, held on 9th – 11th, 2019 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

3. Fidelis, M.A. and Okolie, Anthony C. (2019), “Fuel Subsidy removal policy and social welfare delivery in the education sector in Nigeria 2010 – 2015”, being a paper presented at the 2019 Biennial Conference on Emerging Cross-Disciplinary Education and Research for Sustainable Development: The Role of General Studies Programme, held on 6th – 9th May, 2019 at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka

4. Fidelis, M. A. and Okafor O. Chukwuma (2018). An Appraisal of the Home Grown School Feeding Programme and Child poverty in Nigeria. Being a paper presented at the 1st Regional Conference on Addressing Child Poverty: Child-Friendly and equity focused development programmes and policies in Nigeria. Held on 28th - 30th August, 2018 at University of Nigeria, Nsukka in collaboration with UNICEF.

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7. Fidelis, M.A. and Onwuagana, Okafor, C. (2017), Local Government Autonomy and Effective Service Delivery in Nigeria: A comparative analysis of Nigeria and South Africa, Held at the department of Local Government and Development Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. 29th November - 1st December, 2017 

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Membership of Professional Bodies)         

1.     Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration FCAI

2.     Member, Nigerian Political Science Association, North East Zone (NAPSE/NE)